Our Results

Regardless of the client sector, results matter. At Aypeks Consulting, our focus is client success and providing solutions that address the problem in the most effective approach possible.  Here are a few examples of our commitment to solving our customer problems with tangible results.

MilitaryCustomer Problem: Customer need to re-host web content quickly but the sites needed to maintain a high security posture and be easily maintainable.

Solution: Use existing client hardware and software to avoid the procurement delays. The security design incorporated multiple firewalls, a one-way transfer of content changes to the production site, and utilized all of the built-in security features of the OS and content management system for a layered security approach.

Results: The content management system was completed ahead of schedule and the security scans performed by the security team could not penetrate the website.

skyscraperCustomer Problem: Customer needed to implement an Information Technology Asset Management System across 18 hospitals in Northern California. There was a limited budget to support the effort and the consulting team and hardware resided on the east coast.

Solution: The IT Asset Management system was built in a warehouse on the east coast using information gathered from customer interviews. The network topology connecting the hospitals was replicated to the greatest extent possible to ensure the system would be deployed successfully. Servers were shipped directly to each site with step by step instructions on how to install them.

Results: The system installed with no connection issues between the servers, the number of trips to California by the consulting team was minimized, and the asset management system discovered and managed approximately 20 thousand IT assets.

MunicipalCustomer Problem: A budget gap existed that prevented the customer’s signature IT system from meeting the FY15 strategic vision goals. The production system would need a complete infrastructure and software replacement to meet the goals, but funding only provided for operations and maintenance.

Solution: Aypeks worked with the client to develop an IT infrastructure roadmap to meet the client’s strategic vision. The roadmap identified the current infrastructure challenges, the future infrastructure based on the FY15 strategic vision, the incremental steps to build the infrastructure based on an adaptive infrastructure concept, and the budget necessary to begin meeting the 2015 IT vision.

Results: The budget request for additional infrastructure was approved to procure the hardware and begin executing the roadmap.