Cyber Security

Cyber SecurityBefore the term cyber security became common, Aypeks Consulting was and continues to engineer infrastructure and systems utilizing layered security approaches. Our focus is on the data and protecting it from unauthorized access. Our data centric security approach focuses in two main areas: Identity and Access Management (IdAM) and Data Management and Governance (DMG). IdAM focuses on identities, access control, and policy management. DMG provides a similar function for data: Definition and governance of data types, metadata tagging, and securing individual data components. Our expertise in IdAM and DMG cross commercial and government boundaries to provide a comprehensive solution for securing data. To complement our focus on protecting critical systems, Aypeks Consulting also provides incident handling services to assist organizations responding to cyber attacks, employee misconduct, and malware infections. We have certified forensics experts on staff that can pinpoint unauthorized entry points into a system and trace the modification of key system files and information. Time is of the essence and the expertise of our incident response allows us to acts quickly to minimize the damage caused by the exploit.