About us

Aypeks Consulting serves as an Information Technology (IT) trusted advisor to leading businesses, governments, and institutions.  We provide strategic and tactical IT solutions in three key areas:

  • IT Vision and Strategy
  • Enterprise Services
  • IT Project Management

In the public sector, Aypeks has provided solutions to civil, military, and intelligence agencies.  In the private marketplace, Aypeks has worked with the top fortune 500 companies. Our goal is to deliver the best value to our clients. To do so, we listen to our clients’ needs, build trusted relationships, and implement proven, innovative solutions to fulfill their requirements.

Aypeks is unique because we offer depth and breadth, of both business and IT know-how. We understand the imperative of linking business strategy to IT solutions and not implementing IT without a clear business goal.  As well rounded consultants we have the experience, scope, and knowledge to address IT challenges that few firms can deliver.